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Oil & Gas and Water Pipelines

Pipeline Design Works

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ALPECE provides ultimate solutions for pipeline design works starting from pipeline route selection based on topographic survey data and optimize the line with most cost efficient way. A number of tools being used to determine the pipeline characteristics and collect the data to be used for energy optimization for capital investment cost (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX) to find out Present Value of the Projects. 

ALPECE uses extensive design and engineering software which are world renown brand and reputed products. Moreover, ALPECE also developed in-house design tools to meet with the Customers' needs as well as to comply with the requirements of pipeline design codes and standards such as ASME B 31.4, ASME B 31.8 and AWWA M11 as well as European Codes.

ALPECE provides following design steps for pipelines;

  • Pipeline Route Selection and Optimization

  • Pipeline Detailed Feasibility Study

  • Pipeline Alignment Sheets

  • Pipeline Typical Drawings

  • Pipeline Material Selection

  • All Detail Design Works and Final Engineering

  • Pipeline Initial Filling and Start Up Procedures

  • As Built Drawings


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